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The Bedford County Rimfire League's end goal is to promote the sport locally to in turn help the sport grow overall. A strong local competition that tracks its own season points for all our shooters who attend from  near and far. While not all of our shooters will be local we hope to meet new friends and give anyone and everyone a home to shoot with us or come to have fun and gather PRS or ARS season points.

Article 1: SAFETY


  1. While not Shooting - All shooters are required to have a chamber flag. While we have no specific piece we require for a chamber flag, it could be anything that limits the blot from closing and is easily seen from and side of the gun. 


  2.  Prior to Shooting - The shooter can step to the line and the RO for their squad will give them the general lines of questions/commands. The first will be "Shooter load and make ready", the shooter can then and only then remove their chamber flag. The second will be "Does the shooter understand the course of fire" shooter at that point can verbally confirm with any questions or say yes. Then the shooter will be asked "Is the shooter ready?" That is the last chance the shooter has to check their dope, optics focus, magazine, etc. Once the shooter gives the RO a confirmation of ready they will be given a "Stand by" and then the timer will sound and they can begin the stage.

  3. While Shooting - After the shooter starts the stage the gun must be open or on safe while the shooter is not shooting. So while moving the shooter must make sure that the gun is open or on safe BEFORE the shooter moves the rifle. Then the shooter must make the movement without breaking 180 degrees, come down in position on the stage's barricade, once on target then the shooter can close the bolt or turn off the safe. SEMI shooters must announce that they are on safety verbally.

  4. The general safety rules apply as well. Always keep your fingers out of the trigger guard, always maintain a safe direction of the muzzle, never be impaired while shooting, make sure you shoot with a safe background, identify the proper target, and always treat the rifle as if it were loaded.


  1. First Warning - Upon any infraction to the rules the Squads RO will issue a verbal warning. This could be in stage or between stages. A verbal warning is the first and only warning you get for an infraction.

  2. Second Warning - Upon the second infraction a shooter does, the RO will give them a stage ZERO. This again could be mid stage or before a stage.

  3. Third Warning - This is unfortunately the finale warning a shooter will receive. Upon a third infraction the RO will give you a match DQ. With that take it as a warning not a shot at the shooter. The warning being don't do it again at future match.

  4. Match DQ - We have never had a match DQ....EVER. And we don't plan to start having them. So please help your fellow shooters with something before the Squad RO has to step in and say something.

Article 3 :OFF THE LINE

  1. Coaching - Going forward, helping shooters while they are shooting is not aloud. UNLESS, a shooter has only shot 2 matches or has never scored over 60 points at a match. We aim to help our new shooters, so sometimes a friendly call goes a long way.

  2. Noise - When you are behind a shooter unless you are spotting or running a tablet, we do not expect you to be quiet. While we don't want anyone to be attacking anyone person while they are on the line, this is not golf. Snarky remarks, jokes, and general conversation are encouraged at the BCRL. Lets all have fun.


  1. Match Director - It is the Match Directors responsibility to provide a safe and thoughtful course of fire first and foremost. It is also there responsibility to provide an accurate course of fire to the shooters of the match. Match directors are the finale call for any and all questions at the match and they must upload the scores in a timely manner.

  2. Range Officer (RO) - The Range Officer is in charge of their Squads safety and overall running of their squad at each stage for the whole match. Questions and interpretation of the COF are up to the RO unless needed to go to the Match Director. The RO is the end all call for impacts and misses for the squad. RO's are in charge of safety infractions and understanding the rules of the match.

  3. Shooter - While shooting the shooter is responsible for safely maintaining their rifle and gear. While not shooting the shooter will maintain their chamber flag is in their rifle and their gear is not in the way. Every shooter is required to help with match flow. I.E. spotting, ROing, tablet scoring, and we all are our own and every ones safety officers.



Article 5 : RIFLE

  1. MAGAZINES - Magazines are required for a match. While it would be possible to shoot the match with a tube fed gun it is just not safe to reload mid stage or clearing failures. And while it would be one heck of an accomplishment to shoot a match with a single shot it just isn't competitive nor safe.

  2. Production Guns - Production rifles for the BCRL are considered rifles and optics that with their combined MSRP is under $1500 total. Modifications to the rifles are limited to trigger jobs but no replacing of the trigger. The stock can have things added to it but it must stay as the original stock that came from the manufacture. There are no limits to the optic accessories such and rings, bases, or levels.

  3. Open - The open class is just that, OPEN. There is no limits for modifications to once Production guns that have had things changed out such as triggers or stocks. There is no limit to what you can spend on an Open rifle as well, the sky is the limit. 

Article 6 : Scoring and Attendance

  1. Attendance - Signing up for a BCRL match is easy. You have the option of signing up on PractiScore under our club page or you are more then welcome to come signup at the range. Match fee is $20 for a standard points match and $30 for our larger prize table matches such as The Pennsylvania Precision Rimfire State Championship, The BCRL Halloween Zombie Shoot, and our Series Finale in December.

  2. Scoring - Scoring this year is different then years past but still very simple. First place is always 100 points so for your score you take your match hits, divide them into first places match hits, and multiply by 100. So after first place's100 points, everyone else's scores are prorated off their accuracy against first places match hits.

  3. Series Finale Qualification - This year's schedule is 11 matches for the whole season with the series finale. To qualify for the Finale the shooter will be scored on their 5 highest scoring matches for the season. This gives our shooters the opportunity to shoot else where for other series points while not dropping out of contention for our series finale, while giving anyone else who shoots all the matches prior to the finale the chance to increase their scores 5 times.


  4. Series Finale - The shooters going into the finale will have their 5 highest scores totaled before the match. Then each shooter will battle it out in November for their 6th score which will be worth 2X the points. The Prize Table, Trophies, and cash prizes for the season will be based on season placings and division/class winners. 1st - 3rd will get trophies plus cash then each division winner will receive a trophy and $100 cash.

Article 7 : GEAR

  1. Spotting - While it is not required, each squad needs spotting equipment. The RO or whoever is running eyes is the only one that can definitively and accurately call impacts and misses. It is encouraged that shooters bring spotting gear so that we have no arguments over scoring.


  2. Gun mounted - At the BCRL all gear that is mounted to the gun prior to the start of the stage is not considered deployed since it is part of the gun. So a shooter is aloud to deploy a bipod prior to a stage.


  3. Non-Mounted - Non mounted equipment such as tripods and bags must be in hand or slinged to the shooter safely. Unless stated in the course of fire the shooter may not pre-deploy any equipment. Tripods can be deployed unless stated in the COF.

  4. Safety - This one is subjective. If during a stage a shooter uses a piece of equipment to "game" a stage and the RO feels it was unsafe the shooter can be told and given an option to restart the stage, but only if it was prior to shots being fired. 

  5. Rifle - Rifle must be chambered in 22lr. Any rifle is aloud as long as it is chambered in 22lr. Weather the shooter is using a bolt or a semi- auto, the rifle must be magazine fed. Tube fed guns are prohibited at the BCRL. Any and all optics are aloud at the BCRL, open sights, electronic sights, magnified optics, all are aloud. However magnified optics with reticles and turrets designed to assist the shooter in long range shooting are encouraged. Only one rifle maybe used in a match unless a rifle mechanically fails and then the Match Director must okay the switch.

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