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In 2020 the BCRL decided we wanted a match of our own to bring in new shooters and encourage growth in the sport and competition. So the Pennsylvania Precision Rimfire State Championship was born. Since it's first humble match that we hosted with pen and paper it has grown tremendously.


After our huge growth for the series and the State Championship match we saw in 2021 we were seriously PUMPED for the 2022 match! While we had a bunch of attendance drops last minute we had no less competition. We had 36 shooters, out of the near 50 that had signed up, show up and battle for the title. Sadly our good friend Marc Wright of OHIO decided PA was not going to retain its title for the 2nd year in a row. Marc was able to hold off Ryan McCullough by 1 shot to win and take the title back to Ohio for a year. 

While we want to congratulate Marc we are already planning on him not taking the title back home with him next year! So while it lasts, Congrats Marc you earned it!

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