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With the popularity of NRL22 and our growing group of local shooters. We are proud to announce that Bill at the Hopewell Sportsman's Club will host the monthly NRL22 match.

NRL22 is by far the most inviting series when it comes to getting new shooters introduced into competitive precision shooting. Each month NRL22 creates a nation wide 5 stage course of fire with 2 options. 1st option is strictly 100yds and in. Option 2 is 200yds and in. The goal being to have most ranges across the country be able to host a match and not need 1000yds to do so. Each stage also has recommendations for senior/handi-capped shooters as to not limit everyone joining in on the fun!

For this season Bill is planning on starting his first match September 11th. Range zero will be at noon and the match will start at 1. Each match will be the second sunday of each month and these will be sanctioned matches counting towards the National Championship if the shooter would like to have the opportunity to try to go to the championship go to the link below and check out the rules and then purchase a membership. If the shooter just wanted to come out and have some fun and learn a fun new sport come on out!

         Big enouncement starting January 2023, with the increasing popularity of the precision rimfire sports locally and us wanting to continue the growth. BCRL is pairing with BCNRL22 for a points system for a Bedford County Precision Rimfire Champion. The Scoring will be simple, it will be your top 3 BCNRL22 scores plus your top 3 BCRL scores. Then you have to shoot the BCRL Finale match and the BCNRL22 Finale match and those scores will go to your total as well. The shooter with the top score will get a trophy and bragging rights for a whole year. Lets keep growing the sport locally and teaching more people the precision long range shooting sport.

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