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Started in 2020, the BCRL has grown from a few local shooters, to hosting 40+ shooter Rimfire PRS events in two seasons. In 2023 we joined PRS Rimfire and continued with the ARS series while tracking our own points, all the while hosting our normal series. Growing the sport in our area and introducing new shooters is what we specialize in.

We are the home of the Pennsylvania Precision Rimfire State Championship  

2023 Sponsors

Lock Stock and Barrel Sporting Goods, Everett PA

Accu-Tac Bi-pods

EGW - Optics Mounting Systems


Proof Research

Base Camp Guns, Martinsburg PA

Esoteric Arts Cerakote and Hydro graphics

Short Action Precision

B&T Industries

Atlas Bipods

Vortex Optics

Athlon Optics

Arken Optics

Shilen Barrels Inc

Zermatt Actions

XLR Industries

Our series consists of 10 regular season matches and  for the 2023 season. Our scoring is standard scoring, take your match score, divide it into the winners score, and then multiply by 100. First place is always 100 points and everyone else is prorated from 1st place's points based on their accuracy from first. 

While our season is 10 matches, we will be taking your top 5 matches going into the series finale in November. To qualify for the finale a shooter must have 5 scores going into the finale. Then their score at the finale will be added to their regular season score. Then all shooters shooting the Finale match will get 2X for that match and it will be the 6th score for the season.

Our divisions consist of:

Open - Unlimited Modifications. Sky is the limit

Production - Rifle and Optics must be under $1500 MSRP with no mods


Senior - 55+

Young Gun - 11-17yr old

Ladies - no wang

These are our Divisions and Classes for the BCRL 2022 Season

If you are shooting for MARS points just inform us so we can track for

both our points and submit to MARS as well.


Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks for submitting!

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